David Cho Missiological institute aims to commemorate and study a great advocate leadership of Dr. David J. Cho and research on his development of missionary movement in the Non-Western world.

Founding President, Dr. David J. Cho
Managing Director, Ms. Helen E. Cho
Archive Director, Ms. Damples Dulcero Baclagon
Museum & Library Director, Dr. Yong Sung Cho


  • Mission Research
  • International Mission Forums
  • Publishing Missiological Journals
  • Providing Lectures & Seminars on Mission
  • Publishing Books on Mission
  • Consulting
  • Scholarship Grant for Missiology Studies of Missionaries
  • Other Activities of DCMI Concerned

Advisery Committee

  • Dr. Younghee Lee
  • Dr. Dalsoo Kim
  • Dr. Jongkoo Park
  • Dr. Timothy K. Park

Research Divisions

  • Asia/Oceania Division
  • Latin America Division
  • Middle East Division
  • Africa Division

Supporters’ Association

It will be organized by the supporting friends of the Institute.


Email to davidchoinstitute@gmail.com