What World Mission Scholars are Saying

Donald A. McGavran, Ph.D.

Editor, Church Growth Bulletin Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary−

Thousands of missionaries and hundreds of missionary societies are required to evangelize the three billion. Pulling missionaries out of recently established churches and sending them to the “yet to believe” is today’s essential strategy. Old missionary societies should increase their sendings. New missionary societies forming in Latfricasia should thrust out reapers.

— Dr. David J. Cho of Seoul, vigorous advocate of Asian Missions, point out key issues:

“In the first of the seventies, we see clearly that the Third World is making progress engaging in sending missions. Asia is standing at the front of Third World Mission Development.”

John T. Seamands,Ph.D.

–Professor, Asbury Theological Seminary−

“The Rev. Mr. Cho has done more than any other one person to bring a new missionary concern to the churches of his homeland. It is no surprise that he is popularly known as “Mr. Missions.”

Ralph D. Winter, Ph.D.

Founder, U. S. Center for World Mission–

“It has been a great pleasure for me, many years now, to be associated with Dr. Cho from time to time, in many of his activities…. It seems to me that there is no way that we can possibly conclude otherwise than to say that David J. Cho represents not only Korea, but that he also represents the entire world… He is constantly thinking about the whole world.”

Dr. Dale W. Kietzman, Ph.D.

–US Director of Wycliffe Bible Translators 

–Co-Founder of Wycliffe Associates

–Co-Founder of Latin American Indigenous Ministries

“There is a lot to be learned from the Korean churches, especially as that knowledge is distilled for us by David J. Cho, He is especially gifted at dreaming “outside of the box”, yet he has enormous respect to the historic Councils of the Church, and the declarations of mission conferences of the last century. We are impressed again with the vision and leadership that has come to us through David J. Cho.”