David Cho Museum & Library

East-West Center for Missions Research & Development (EWCmrd) resolved to establish the David Cho Museum & Library to collect and reserve all the historical records and documents of Dr. David J. Cho, a vigorous advocate of non-Western world missionary movement and development of leadership for new forces in mission cooperation between the East and West since 1960 and to set the academic space for studies and research of David Cho Missiological Institute.


When Dr. David J. Cho, step down from all of his international position of missionary movement on the age of 75, Dr. Cho transferred Pauline House to Global Mission Society (GMS)  of the Presbyterian Church of Korea. The Pauline House was established for the development of the leadership of new forces in mission, sprung up from Non-Western world, by Dr. David J. Cho and was the site of the East-West Center for Missions Research & Development until 1999 since 1973.


GMS resolved to use the Hilltop of the Pauline House as the David Cho Museum & Library as agreed with Dr. David J. Cho. EWCmrd keeps and exhibits all the collections and historical records in this building and also runs the David Cho Missiological Institute in this building.