Pastoral Ministries 1948-1978

Dr. David J. Cho pioneered Seoul West Gate Church while he was seminary student in 1948. After the graduation, he started evangelism at non-churched remote village of south corner of Korea in 1949.

In 1950, he served as a pastor of Yu-Soo Church. In 1951, he moved to Ku-Reye Church, where communist guerilla zone of Chi-Ri Mountain.

After the end of Korean War in 1953, he served at Ok-In Church in Seoul until he went to the States to study mission.

Dr. David J. Cho returned to Korea from the States in 1960 and he was invited as the Pastor to the Hoo-Am Presbyterian Church, a small and shabby wooden house church with little over one hundred members, in September 1960.

The church rapidly grew. After three years, in 1963, a beautiful sanctuary was constructed with a well-designed modern church architect in traditional sanctuary interior and modern functional outlook.

Through this innovation of the church, Dr. Cho renovated the form of worship, pastoral works. He also initiated evangelism and world missions and the church became the advanced representative of the mission church. In 1970s, the Hoo-Am Church had frown to one of the five largest representative churches in Korea with over three thousand members. Many world mission leaders from the Western world visited this church and the Hoo-Am Church became one of the world’s most widely known churches.