East-West Center for Missions Research & Development


The leaders of churches and missions from fourteen Asian countries have joined to form the Asia Missions Association (AMA). At a consultation in Seoul in 1973, they entrusted the Korea International Mission (KIM) to establish a missions research and training Center in Seoul.

In 1980, the Pauline House was established for the development of the leadership of new forces in mission, sprung up from Non-Western world, by Dr. David J. Cho. The Pauline House was the home of the EWCmrd until Dr. David J. Cho retired and donated the land and facilities to the Global Mission Society (GMS) in 1999. Until the year 1999, more than 2,000 missionaries and local pastors received their training at the Center. Those who trained came from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong as well as from Korea.

In 2004, Timothy K. Park, the new President of the EWCmrd, started to revive the EWCmrd.