In August of 1982, at the Third Triennial Convention of AMA, Jonathan Santos from Brazil, Latin America, presented a paper on the “Missionary Movement of Latin America and the Reciprocal Effort with Asia and Africa Forces of Mission”.
In October 1986, the Fourth Triennial Convention of AMA held in Pasadena, California, issued the Third World Declaration of World Mission and World Peace. In paragraph 1-5 of the Declaration, the establishment of the Commissions for Third World Missions Advance was announced, with the participation of 11 Latin American and 6 African, besides the numerous Asian delegates.


In August 1987, acting as the Chairman of Commission, Dr. David J. Cho invited Patrick Sookhdeo from West Asia, representing Mulim countries; Luis Bush, the President of COMIBAM from Argentina, Latin America, representing Ibero-America; Panya Baba, the Executive Secretary of Evengelical Missionary Society of Nigeria, representing black Africa; Petros Octavianus, the President of Indonesia Missionary Fellowship, representing South East Asia; and Minoru Okuyama, The President of Antioch Missions, representing North East Asia as well as Asia Missions Association to assemble in Seoul, Korea and plan this Consultation on Third World Missions Advance.
The Consultation on the Third World Missions Association took place in Portland, Oregon, USA from May 9 to 13, 1988. The consultation brought together some 35 church and mission leaders from 21 countries (Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Egypt, El Salvador, England, Guatemala, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, and USA) to consider the way in which Third World Missions can be advanced.
A Steering Committee was formed at the end of the Consultation and was entrusted with the implementation of the decision to establish the TWMA. The Steering Committee met in Tokyo, Japan from November 8 to 10 and drafted the Constitution of the TWMA. And it was submitted to the Inaugural Council of TWMA which was held in Portland, Oregon, USA on May 8, 1989.


To promote cooperative action in mission amongst its member agencies and associations;
To create a Mutual Fund for the advance of the Third World Missions for the provision of securities for Third World missionaries;
To provide coordination, service and interchange of information;
To establish missionary research, development and training centers in the Third World and hold seminars to encourage and instruct Christians in mission and explore mission strategies;
To identify existing and encourage the establishment of new mission agencies;
To encourage the establishment of national and regional mission associations where none exist;
To cultivate good relationships between churches and missions;
To initiate other appropriate actions in the interest of member agencies and associations;
To promote the spirit of mission within the church.


The followings relationships characterize the TWMA:

Regional Relationship: TWMA shall be a voluntary structure of national mission agencies and associations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America and other regions;
Inter-Regional Relationship: TWMA shall seek mutual fellowship and cooperation with similar associations in other regions of the world;
World Relationship: TWMA shall seek fellowship with any evangelical body to promote united action.


Dr. David Dongjin Cho (Korea), Founding Chairman, 1989-1996
Dr. Minoru Okuyama (Japan), Second Chairman, 1996-2005
Dr. Obed Alvarez (Peru), Third Chairman, 2005-2010

Rev. Reuben Ezemadu (Nigeria), 1989-1999
Dr. Yong Joong Cho (Korea), 1999-2005
Dr. Hisham Kamel (Egypt), 2005-2010